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Children are People too, for kids 10 – 13 yrs

If you know of a child who is impacted by a parent’s substance use, then this group may be a way for them to get valuable support. Our Children Are People Too group is a 7 week support group for children and/or teens who are struggling to deal with a parent’s drug or alcohol use. The group is facilitated by one of our Substance Use Program counsellors. Participants gain an understanding about addiction and learn to appreciate that they are not at fault or responsible for their parent’s addiction issues, nor is it something that the youth can control or change.

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Positive Parenting Workshops, for parents of children 5 to 12

No cost to Delta residents. A workshop for parents where they can enjoy meeting other parents, sharing stories and feeling empowered while learning and building on skills.

This workshop includes group sessions on:

• Attachment Parenting
• Goals of Behaviour/Misbehaviour
• Healthy Boundaries
• Discipline
• Budgeting
• Self-Care/Stress Management
• Ages & Stages of Development

Nobody’s Perfect Parenting workshops, for parents of children up to 5


Nobody’s Perfect Parenting is a free 6 week parenting group offered to parents with children under 5 years of age.

This group is offered 3 times a year, alternating between North and South Delta. The sessions cover useful information about children’s health, safety, development and behaviour. The program aims to support and encourage confidence in positive parenting and connection for isolated parents.

Child care is provided during these weekly, two hour sessions, usually held on Saturday mornings. Transportation assistance is also provided if necessary.

substance use education group

The Substance Use Education group is an 8 week program for adults whose lives have been affected by substance use, their own or another person’s.

Subjects that will be covered are:

• What is addiction?
• How do people become addicted?
• What are the issues for family members of a substance using member?
• What is the process for recovery?

Beyond Survival

This group is for women who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The group will create a safe environment for you to give voice to your story and feel validated. You will be encouraged to create your own internal and external safety. The group will cover topics like establishing boundaries, consolidating a sense of self, reflecting on the journey and cultivating a future from here on.

Freedom From Abuse In Relationships  (FAIR)

Deltassist is facilitating a group for women who have experienced relationship abuse at some point of their lives. Living with abuse and violence can harm both physical and psychological health. Everyone has a right to a safe and healthy relationship that is free from violence and fear. Women will learn about the cycle of abuse, why abuse happens and the impact of abuse both on themselves and the children. They will learn healthier communication skills and self care techniques.

Healthy Relationships & Stress Management

The sessions will teach participants the skills of effective communication, problem solving, listening, conflict resolution, impulse control, stress management and coping strategies.
It is a group for adults who are 19 years or older, that are self-referred and who have difficulty managing their anger and stress in intimate relationships, same sex relationships, at work or in social situations. Attendees must not been charged with or, are not currently facing charges related to domestic violence.

Self esteem

In this group women participants will learn what self esteem is and how abuse impacts self esteem. They will learn about self assessment tools and about healthier thinking patterns using acceptance paradox. They will identify their own strengths and use these to enhance their self esteem.

boundaries and assertiveness

Women participants will have a deeper understanding for building boundaries, understanding assertiveness, and developing a healthier self worth. Sometimes being a people pleaser seems easier than being assertive. Women will recognize that they are worth way more than that and create an ability to say ‘no’ when they want to. The participants will learn a healthy style of conducting interpersonal relationships where they don’t have to give up on their own needs and still have respect for others’ needs.


Anger management

Women participants will learn the basics of this emotion so that they have a deeper understanding of anger. They will learn about costs and benefits of anger, how to identify anger triggers and anger management techniques. The facilitators and the participants will role play different scenarios to create a safe environment to free themselves from the guilt associated with their anger.


For more information on any of these groups, contact us. To find dates of the next group, visit our Events page.

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